Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

  • Sales and services on this website are only available to those who visit the website through the United Kingdom. If you choose to visit the Site, access the Services, or make purchases from its place, you will be deemed to have made your own choices, bear the consequences at your own risk, and promise to comply with all laws applicable to United Kingdom.  


  • Buyers use this website must be at least 15 years of age.  


  • You will set your own login name and password and must keep it in your mind and keep it in mind. You must understand that data transmission over the Internet or any wireless network is not guaranteed to be 100% secure, and you must take these risks yourself. If you have lost your password due to improper storage, you are responsible for all the responsibility.  


  • All accounts must be registered through the usual e-mail address to ensure that we can send any changes or updates to this e-mail address. Use another person's e-mail address or register as a temporary e-mail address. This account may be deleted without prior notice. If we think an email address is invalid, we will ask you to re-verify your account.  


  • If we find that you use a proxy IP (Internet Protocol address) to register multiple accounts, or cause any interference to this website or service, we will reserve the right to just remove the account.

  • 本網站的銷售及服務僅適用透過香港特別行政區訪問網站的人士。如果您選擇從其地地點訪問網站﹑享用服務或進行購買,將視為您自行作出選擇、自行承擔後果並且承諾遵守全部適用於香港的法律。


  • 使用本網站服務的人士必須年滿15歲。


  • 您將自行設定您的登入名稱和密碼,並必須妥善保管及牢記。您必須明白,互聯網或任何無線網絡上的資料傳輸都不能保證百分百安全,您必須自行承擔這些風險。如有因密碼保管不當造成損失,您需負全部責任。


  • 所有帳戶必須通過常用的電子郵箱進行註冊,以確保我們可將—切變更事項或最新資訊發送到至該電子郵箱。使用他人電子郵箱或以臨時電子郵箱進行註冊,該帳戶可能在不事先通知的情況下被剛除。如我們認為某電子郵箱無效時,將要求您對帳戶進行重新驗證。


  • 如果我們發現有您使用代理 IP(互聯網協議位址)註冊多個帳戶,或對本網站或服務造成任何幹擾,我們將保留剛除該帳戶的權利。