Fujitsu MESSHU RT500 Mesh Router - Twin Pack
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Model : RT500 - Twin Pack 

Dual Band AC1200 High Performance Wireless Mesh Router

The edge 802.11ac built-in high performance Mesh Router with Mesh technology for high-density use on multiple applications. "MESSHU RT500 Mesh Router" is a new concept of Dual Band Dual Concurrent Wireless Mesh router. It can be easily deployed and maintained with simple configuration deployment and recovery capacity. It does not need complicated settings.


Whole home Wi-Fi coverage with consistent performance

What is the best choice if a single router WiFi signal cannot cover your entire home? "MESSHU RT500 Router" is an ideal solution for your home network environment. It can extend signal range from an internal high performance Wi-Fi module, the high-gain antenna arrays reduce the numbers of mesh node deployment typicality requirement. No more Wi-Fi dead spots in your home with MESSHU.


Easy set-up, use, plug and play Mesh Network

With MESSHU Router APP, it fully set up, deploy, and use by mobile device without complicating installation procedure. MESSHU provides a easiest way to construct Mesh Network is using MESSHU APP to smart connect all Mesh devices instantly when they were powered up. Therefore, it also provides Internet speed and easy configuration to do Mesh Network troubleshooting.


Physical Interface

Just plug your first MESSHU Router into your cable or DSL modem, simply establish Mesh network from your mobile phone APP via few steps. Additional MESSHU Router just need power on from the wall outlet and it will auto connect to existing MESSHU Mesh network, that’s all. Enjoy your whole home Wi-Fi network coverage in a minute!!


AC technology with High Performance Wi-Fi

"MESSHU RT500 Mesh Router" is a Dual Band Dual Concurrent Wireless Mesh router with the latest 11AC technology. The total wireless speed is up to 1.2Gbps. It is two times faster than 802.11n technology. The upgraded throughput will bring you the smoothly wireless with lag free and flexible.

Create your own personal cloud through MESSHU Drive App

"MESSHU RT500 Mesh Router allows to connect with one USB storage device, and through "MESSHU Drive App", you can simply view the files/photos/videos in the USB storage device. Also you can easily manage the files from private storage space anywhere. You can easily create own personal cloud storage more securely. 

Main Functions:

  • Whole home WiFi coverage with consistent performance
  • The newest Mesh router technology, quick and smart setup like never before
  • Support up to 867 Mbps in 5GHz frequency band and 300 Mbps in 2.4GHz frequency band
  • Support Fast Roaming, extend your Wi-Fi network seamless coverage
  • Built-in 360 degree high performance antenna for whole home wireless coverage
  • With Gigabit WAN & LAN port for high speed wired connection
  • USB file sharing function
  • Mesh easy deploy system with mobile app simple configuration
  • Made in Taiwan

TraditionalRouter vs Mesh router

The traditional wireless router and wifi repeatercan be use for extend the wifi signal to areas that were originally weakreceived. However, the disadvantage of the wifi repeater is troublesome to setup, and the user needs to manually set each wireless router and repeater. Homeuser is more difficult to get started . Also need to continuously manual switchthe most suitable SSID between wireless router and wifi extender for connection. 

One of the advantages of the Mesh wirelessnetwork system is that it can improve the connection quality of the wirelessnetwork in a simpler way, a large number of users to enjoy a stable wirelessnetwork in a wide range of space.

Each node in a meshed wireless networksystem is a mesh router that can operate independently, so it can provide morestable and fast connections. In addition, it has another advantage in that eachmesh router communicates with each other. It can be set automatically, greatlyreducing the complexity of the set-up procedure, and is more suitable foroccasions with large spaces and large numbers of users.


When a user joins the mesh wirelessnetwork, he does not need to specifically search for an SSID closer to himbecause the system has already Synthesize the wireless network in same name. Therefore,just like connecting to a traditional wireless network, just manuallyconnecting once time, the system will automatically determine the most suitableconnection path to ensure that the signal strength and the network speed are inthe best condition. 

Even if the user moves between the areascovered by the wireless network, the system will automatically determine andmodify the connection path from one of the mesh routers to the signal range ofthe other mesh router, and the user does not need to manually join the otherSSIDs. Another advantage of the mesh topology, one node signal down, other Meshrouter will auto find an alternative present the current connection, so thatthe entire wireless network environment will not be completely disconnected.

Product Specifications

  • Wireless:
    • IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
    • Simultaneous Dual Band 2.4GHz & 5GHz
    • Wireless Dual Band Speed: 300 + 867Mbps
    • Bluetooth Smart sync
  • Interfaces:
    • One 10/100/1000Mbps WAN Ethernet Port
    • One 10/100/1000Mbps LAN Ethernet Ports
    • One USB 2.0 Port
  •  Antenna Type:    Built-in 360 degree high performance antenna

Package Contents:

1. Fujitsu RT500 *2
2. Switching Power Adaptor 12V 1.5A UK 3pin *2
3. Lan cable *1
4. Quick Start *1
5. Wall mount screw *2

 About MESSHU Router App

"MESSHU Router App" is designed for "MESSHU RT500 MESH Router", which is a high performance wireless system. Each mesh router extends the wifi single range and enables wider signal coverage to penetrate floors, and walls resulting in lesser dead zones. Enjoy high wifi network mobility. Maintain smooth connectivity as you move from one mesh device's coverage area to the next.

The "MESSHU Router App" helps you easily set up your high performance wireless system. 

MESSHU Router App for iOS

MESSHU Router App for Android

  About MESSHU Drive App  

"MESSHU Drive App" is designed for MESSHU RT500 MESH Router. You can simply view and organize files from the USB storage device that you have connected to your MESSHU RT500 MESH Router. It’s easily manage your favorite files or photos from your private storage space anywhere or even anytime. "MESSHU Drive App" helps you create own personal cloud storage more securely. 

MESSHU DriveApp for iOS

MESSHU Drive App for Android

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